The Future is Bright.

We facilitate community investment in solar power by selling shares to members. 

Operating since 2015, the SES Solar Co-operative Ltd. (SESSC) is the first renewable power co-operative in Saskatchewan.

Our 200+ members collectively own seven solar installations with a total of 1588 solar panels generating 583 kilowatts of energy at peak capacity. 

We are dedicated to accelerating the adoption of solar power and helping lower greenhouse gas emissions in Saskatchewan.

How it works

Based on a number of criteria, we seek out partners willing to provide physical sites to host solar installations. We hire solar contractors to install the solar arrays, and then lease them to the commercial partner through a 25 year agreement. 

We earn revenue through these leases, which we use to fund new projects, cover operating expenses, and issue dividends to members. 

Revenue for the SES Solar Co-op is realized through leases with location partners based on the solar assets installed on their sites producing clean electricity.

We periodically have new shares to sell and typically open a share offering when a new installation is underway. This means that we invite both current members and any interested Saskatchewan residents to purchase shares in the Co-op.

Each member who belongs to SES Solar Co-op owns one common share (membership share) and at least one preferred share (valued at $950). Members can own multiple preferred shares.

  • 2015


    The SES Solar Co-operative incorporates as a consumer co-operative after winning Affinity Credit Union’s a Business for Good Social Venture Challenge.

  • 2016

    First project

    SESSC’s first project at the Two Twenty in Saskatoon begins operation.


  • 2017

    Second project

    SESSC’s second project at the City of Saskatoon Landfill Gas Collection and Power Generation System begins operation.

  • 2018

    Third and Fourth Projects

    SESSC’s Haskamp and Ness Creek projects begin operations.


  • 2019

    Fifth and Sixth Projects

    SESSC projects at Wolf Willow Cohousing and Radiance Cohousing begin operation.

  • 2021

    Seventh Project

    SESSC’s largest project to date at CNH Industrial begins operation.


  • 2023:

    Eighth Project

    CNH Industrial Phase Two project is launched nearly doubling the energy production onsite.

How we started

The Entrepreneurial Committee of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Inc. (SES) pitched the idea of a solar co-operative in 2014. Later that year, SES was invited to participate in the Business for Good Social Venture Challenge, a project of Affinity Credit Union.

After receiving the support of the community in the Challenge’s crowdfunding campaign, SES won the Challenge and $50,000 to assist in the Solar Co-op venture. Part of the crowdfunding campaign included buying a panel in the proposed co-op and the initial 45 prospective members contributed $1,000 each.

Soon after, we incorporated as a consumer co-operative becoming our own entity – SES Solar Co-operative Ltd.

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